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I want a Slashbox that does X

The policy for Slashboxes is as follows:

  1. The remote site gives us permission.
  2. The remote site provides an RDF file for us to parse (here is our rdf if you want an example).
  3. We decide that it belongs on Slashdot.

Currently the grand Slashbox poobah is Cowboy Neal. Email him a URL to the RDF, as well as a technical contact, and we'll consider your addition to the roster.

Answered by: CmdrTaco
Last Modified: 6/14/00

What is this little [?] I see in stories?

It designates a glossary style link to Everything2. We use these to link things like acronyms or names when we think that they might be obscure enough that someone else might need some clarification.

Answered by: CmdrTaco
Last Modified: 6/14/00

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